Ab Fab or Ab Flop?

Patsy and Eddie have returned, as fabulous and as outrageous as ever.

Brewed from the 90’s world of PR these two ladies became the first dudettes, the two girls behaving badly (and no we still don’t know what PR actually is).


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Strong language, drink and substances beyond the realm of possibility, this TV duo made five series with numerous specials made for Christmas, Comic Relief and their 20th Anniversary (all available on Netflix of course).

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But now, sweetie darling, they’ve made it to the big screen. Patsy and Eddie have to get away from the hate of the fashion world of London and escape to the South of France. Why? Because Eddie has pushed model and fashion star Kate Moss off a balcony. From then on the dangerous duo, along with some familiar faces along the way and a million and one celebrity cameos, try to find their ideal rich life where everyone’s a criminal.

As always, Jennifer Saunders has captured this funny yet grotesque world of fashion in her writing while bringing out the stereotype of someone wanting more (and someone wanting to be skinnier). Meanwhile Joanna Lumley really hits home the comedy with the actions of Patsy.


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Just her facial expressions alone send out cracks of laughter. I feel that if you took away Joana from the movie, it wouldn’t be as successful as it has been as there are moments that feel too forced and dry. While the action and dark humour was on point as ever, it felt even more cold without that classic laughing track.

While the plot is certainly different, it felt rushed towards the end. Surely a movie allows you to expand and really pack in all the bits you wouldn’t be able to pack in a 40 minute episode? Even at 90 minutes long, this movie felt pushed for time which left cinema viewers and diehard fans feeling shortchanged and wanting more.


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None the less, this BBC Movie pulls it of. Unlike the failures of Dad’s Army movie, this managed to appeal to fans while still offering something new. A tricky balance when taking something that has been loved for over 26 years!

In that respect, raise a glass of bolly and hope it is laid to rest.

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie: 4 out of 5 stars

Jack Wilkin

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