Secret Life of Pets: Bleeding It Dry Or Starting Something New?

Talking animal movies have been around since animation began (Think Bolt, Dogs vs Cats, Stuart Little and so on). But Secret Life Of Pets brings its own unique humour and playfulness to the table. Created by the same makers as Despicable Me, it gives us a glimpse into what pets get up to when their owners aren’t home.

Focusing on a little dog called Max, who lives in the Big Apple with his owner Katie, his world gets turned upside down with the unexpected arrival of Duke. Massive, hairy and thundering he is everything that Max isn’t.

Despite Max’s neighbours, consisting of three other dogs, a sassy cat, a bird and a forgetful guinea pig, not seeing the problem Max believes something should be done. Cue the inevitable disaster. Along the way they’ll encounter underground revolutions, heartbreak and Wiener Kingdom.

Beautiful animation with a refreshing story line (and did we mention a SASSY cat), what more could you ask for? Great for pet lovers of all ages and with well rounded characters that will definitely keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Some moments were lacking as well as some perfect plot expanding moments brushed over, yet this movie will easily make it’s way onto a family’s DVD shelf. Although I will only watch it again if it appears on Sky Movies on a lazy Sunday.

Secret Life of Pets: 4 stars out of 5

Jack Wilkin

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