How To Pack For Uni? The Book Worm Edition.

The thought of packing for uni is creeping up closer and closer, and all you can think about is:

“Which books am I going to take?”

And while you stare at your bookcase, the sudden realisation that you can’t take them all with you sets in, making you rush towards your TBR pile or making you log onto Netflix. Do not fear, every book lover has to go through this and you are not alone!

Here are 4 tips on how to make the daunting task a little easier.

  1. One box and one box only!
    You may begin to stutter and protest that your collectors edition of George R.R. Martin books should all be taken to your new abode but hold up! You’ll be lucky to have one or even two shelves in your uni halls and they need to hold books, course books, photos and/or other items to make your room feel like home. Limit yourself to one box of books.
  1. Get a good range.
    Yes, having your favourite books is awesome but also having ones you haven’t read before means that you’ll keep on reading. So pop down to Waterstones, WHSmith or The Works and stock up on books to read. Also add some book that weren’t amazing so that when your book lover friends come round you can spark conversation over differences in books.
  1. Save room for coursebooks.
    Depending on your course you might have to buy mind swallowing textbooks or loads of little plays. Save room in that box for them and save room on your shelf too. You will need them.
  1. New books await you.
    Wherever you go to uni, there’s always a Waterstones or a second handbook shop round the corner. And there’s always the uni library which will be stacked with books waiting for you to find, so even if you can’t take all your beloved beauties you’ll find some new adventures waiting for you.


Jack Wilkin