How To Pack For Uni? The Clothes Lover Edition 

The thought of packing for uni is creeping up closer and closer, and all you can think about is:

How am I gonna pack all my clothes?

No matter how hard you wish that your clothes would walk from your wardrobe and into your suitcase (I mean you opened the case AND the closet doors! What more do they want?) You suddenly realise that you may not be able to pack your favourite shirt/skirt.

Don’t panic. Here at Tea Break, we value our style as much as our writing and we’ve mustered up 5 tips to packing up all your clothes. From those big brown boots to your decked out jacket.

    1. Vacuum pack bags.

      These plastic bags might just solve your clothes dilemma. Simply place your clothes items inside (or blankets or cushions or anything else in that department) and attach a vacuum nozzle to the insert. Switch on the hoover and watch as your items compress, saving you so much packing space. By sucking out the air you can pack your entire wardrobe with no problems. Once at uni, open up the bag and your clothes will return to life!

    2. Hangers galore.

      Clothes hangers, door hangers, adhesive hangers, all of them will come in handy. When you move in, that pokey wardrobe in your room won’t have a single clothes hanger in sight so either buy a pack or simply raid your wardrobes at home.

    3. Money bags for makeup/hair products.

      All those bottles of nail varnish and moisturise and shaving balm can get lost in large suitcase. Simply place them in those freezer bags from TESCO for 30p or those bags for placing loose change into. Easier to find and easier to pack.

    4. Pack for the season.

      Those shorts might look stunning, but they’re not really going to be useful during the rainy days of November. So pack for the season, stock up on jumpers, waterproof coats and thicker t-shirts. This doesn’t mean you can’t bring that gorgeous dress or those stylish trainers for those nights out. Just be aware this this is the UK. Damp and freezing days are ahead.

    5. Big on the bottom, light on the top.

      Sometimes it’s not the amount of stuff but the way you pack it. Just like you would when packing for a holiday put jeans, coats, jumpers and heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase. Lighter shirts and PJs go at the top and use the divider to pack your underwear, socks and other accessories on the other side.

Jack Wilkin