Top 5 Remixes To Add To Your Freshers Soundtrack.

Following on from our successful ‘Top 5 Tracks To Add To Your Summer Playlist’ we decided to share some top remixes to play during your freshers week. Designed to get the whole room up and dancing, while having a special twist on epic songs, we’re sure this list will give your predrinks, flat party or dance party for one a unique edge!

  1. Fast Car ft. Dakota by Jonas Blue.

    This classic song has recently been remixed which sent it to number one in the charts. It’s a beautiful feel good song which is perfect to have a drink to with your new friends and flatmates.

  2. Birthday by Katy Perry (Cash Cash Remix).

    A poppy and funky tune made even greater with this remixed version by Cash Cash. With an amplified beat and mass build ups, this tune is made better and is perfect for getting everyone up and dancing. Also spot on for when your flatmates do celebrate their special occasion.

  3. Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus (Teddy Cream Bootleg Remix).

    Everyone knows this song, but not everyone knows about this epic remix. With added bass and that iconic strumline lengthened, this will get everyones hands up. Even the people in the flat next door. And downstairs. And above.

  4. Wannabe At My Birthday Party? by Titus Jones.

    Have you ever wondered what a song would sound like if you mashed up Katy Perry, the Spice Girls, Avril Lavigne, 50 Cent and Lesley Gore? Turns out it sounds funky, snappy and darn right amazing. Clever and dance worthy, this song will truly give your predrinks a superb twist.

  5. Army Of Two by Olly Murs (Kat Krazy Remix).

    Party atmosphere a bit too slow? Or you just want to jump it out? This remix will do that and more. With the beautiful vocals of Olly Murs mixed with a high action pumped beat, this tune will inject a bit of energy and hype to the room.


Jack Wilkin