10 Questions All DMU Freshers Are Asking

Fresher’s Week is a land of questions and wonder. However there are quite a few questions that have been popping up in various group chats and Facebook pages. Here at Tea Break, we’ve decided to peel back the curtains and help reveal what these questions all mean.


What is the difference between the wristbands and the packages?

The wristbands include all the night events during Fresher’s Week as well as your bar-crawl t-shirt. The package not only features the wristband but also has the option of buying an NUS card (to help save money), unlimited entry to Injunction during Term 1 and a DMU Hoodie (to make you look fabulous during those all-nighters). Naturally the packages will cost more than the wristbands because you get more included.

Should I buy a wristband?

That answer depends on how whether you’re planning to go to every event. If so then yes, buy a wristband because you’ll save about £20 minimum. If you only plan on going to one or two night events during Fresher’s then you would be better off waiting until the 1st September and then buying the individual tickets via Team DMU.

Kelly’s secret tip: If you do decide to buy the wristband, keep an eye out for the Highcross Student Sessions. Those with wristbands get priority entry which means less time queuing and more time shopping.

Nights outs


Google Image Link: https://media2.giphy.com/media/12kIdfOnoBGrjW/200_s.gif
Webpage Link: http://giphy.com/search/party-gif

Everyone is telling me to buy a certain coloured T-shirt. Why is this important?

There are 2 reasons why the colour t-shirt you wear is important. Firstly a lot of sports teams and societies will be wearing a certain colour (see the next question). Secondly, what time you leave depends on what colour T-Shirt you pick so if you like to get those predrinks you’re better off wearing a Purple or Blue T-shirt which means you leave later. The times are as follows:

► Black T-Shirts – 7PM
► Rre T-Shirts – 7.30PM
► Yellow T-Shirts – 8PM
► Pink T-Shirts – 8.30PM
► Blue T-Shirts – 9PM
► Purple T-Shirts – 9.30PM

Now the eagled eyed of you will notice that the white T-shirts don’t have their timed listed. This is because the sports teams and societies repping the white T-shirt get to pick the time they leave.

What societies and sports teams are repping each colour during the bar crawl?


Purple: Climbing and Equestrian

Black: Swim and Tri

Red: Cheerleading and Korfball

White: Sub-Aqua, Snow-sports, Men’s Football, Netball, Dance and Hockey

If you have brought a white T-shirt then why not tag along to one of the societies above? Great way to know more about the society and make new friends

People are advertising about Injunction but the SU is being renovated. Where is the event being held?

Ah Injunction, if you plan on joining a sports team or a large society, prepare to spend most if not all your Wednesday nights in this land of drunken glory. The first Injuction is taking place in Athena where it’s school disco theme. After this, it will be hosted at XY (where the social and early to Uni party are taking place) until the reservations are complete.

Sports teams and societies


Google Image Link: http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2015-03-31-1427777161-1605262-68012.gif
Webpage Link: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/you-worked-at-dairy-queen-in-high-school-if

I’ve found a sports team/society that looks awesome and I want to join. How do I sign up?

Log onto the DSU website.
Go to the activities tab.
If you want to join a sports team click the sports team option, if you want to join a society click the society option.
Click browse all sports teams/societies according to which one you want.
Then find the club you want and click buy membership.
Simply click on the little trolley and sign in (if you’re starting in September, there’s an option for this don’t panic).
Pay any required membership fees and congratulations you are a member of that club. Now tell the world and introduce yourself.

How much does it cost to join a sports team?

All sports teams require you to pay £40. This goes towards something know as your active card which is like health insurance should you get injured during matches and/or training. However you only have to pay that £40 once which gives you access to all the sports societies. So let’s say that you want to join Rugby and paid the £40. Then you tried a different type of sport during freshers and wanted to sign up for that society. Since you already paid the £40 to join rugby, you wouldn’t need to pay this again.

It is important to note, some sports club may require a weekly/ termly membership in addition to the cost of an active card. Therefore it might be worth sending an email to specific sports teams to double check for any additional costs.

How much is it to join a society?

All societies charge between £2 and £10 for a year’s membership (Tea Break are only £5 cough, cough) although by looking at the society’s page on the DSU website you’ll have a much better view at their membership costs. The biggest difference between paying for a sports team and a society is that you pay per society. Whilst sports teams pay £40 regardless of how many sports you wish to play.

RIS (Really Important Stuff)


Google Image Link: http://www.lesarvernesdelutece.com/data/images/gifs/53631.gif
Webpage Link: http://www.lesarvernesdelutece.com/data/images/gifs/

What should I do when I first move in?

Once you’ve moved into your accommodation and made your room feel like home (we have some ways to help you with that here), we at Tea Break recommend doing the following things before you crack open that welcome bottle.

  • Register at De Montfort Surgery (trust me, you’ll need it during Fresher’s Flu).
  • Find the nearest Pharmacy (Prescriptions, painkillers, Creams, Condoms, plasters and pretty much anything else you’ll need to reduce your chance of death during your University experience).
  • Collect your student card (make sure you’ve done the online enrolment first).
  • Collect your Wristband and Bar Crawl T-Shirts if ordered (Do this either really earlier or really late otherwise you’ll be waiting ages.
  • Find your nearest supermarket and buy some food (you’ll thank me later).

How can I make friends?

Friends are important. They’re great to go out with, will help with all-nighters and MAY even give you some food. So here is a few words of advice in order to help you meet people and thus gain friendships.

  • Join a sports team/society. It is much easier to make friends when you have a shared interest.
  • Keep your door open when you first move in and give out some sorts of sweets/cakes/ alcohol/ etc.
  • Sign up to My Uni-Pal. You’ll be matched up with a 2nd/3rd year based on course, interests and other factors.
  • Say hello to someone random during Fresher’s Week. Everyone will be in the same boat and you might have lots in common.
  • Most importantly: BE YOURSELF!

I hope I managed to answer one or two of your burning questions today. Hope you have a great Freshers week and we’ll see you there.


Kelly Davies