10 Top Songs For A Fantastic Pre Drinks

A fantastic opportunity to meet new people while at uni is at pre drinks. You’ll often find them in your uni halls or get invited to them by your uni course mates and they go on all year round. Whether you drink or not, they are great fun and you can meet some life long friends there.

But the key to any good party is music. Getting the right song can really bring a room to life. And i’m not just talking about those classic hits but even those cheesy songs that people say they hate, but can’t help having a cheeky sing to when they come on.

So to help you have the best pre drinks ever, here is top 10 songs to get everyone in the mood and to have a great time.


  1. Hey Ya by Outkast.

    Hey fellas and ladies! This is a pure dance classic that will get everyone up and dancing. High energy and fun, this is bound to set the room on fire.

  2. Goodbye Mr A by the Hoosiers.

    Even those these guys are still around, their first album was their main success. You’ll still try and convince yourself they’re saying “Goodbye Mr Ray” but no matter what you say, it is a feel good childhood classic.

  3. You’ve Got The Love by Florence and The Machine.

    The song that propelled them into the spotlight and a song that everyone knows the words to. Just the song to throw your arms up too!

  4. Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

    So I guess this would be the cheesy one, but a great party tune none the less.

  5. Ghost by Ella Henderson.

    This song was played everywhere. Every shop, radio station and hairdressers until one day, it just disappeared. Why not bring it back to life at a house party?

  6. Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake.

    Ah, the days when Brittny, Nickleback and Timberlake owned the music stage. This was the first song to use the word “twerk” all the way back in 2006. Even though this song is 10 years old, it still feels new and fresh in 2016.

  7. Lush Life by Zara Larsson.

    Larsson has been eating up the top 10 recently, with her songs and her collabs that she has done with Tinie Tempah and David Guetta. Not only a good dance song but a perfect summer track! Check out our 5 top summer tracks for 2016 here.

  8. Alright by Supergrass.

    You will know this song the moment you hear it. A certain holiday advert use to have it as it’s music, but a great song for getting the party up and going. Also helpful for injecting a little bit of joy into the mix.

  9. Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars.

    This is a shout off of a song. Prepare your lungs to hit that loud high note and sing your heart out!

  10. Ruby by The Kaiser Chiefs. 

    Before Ricky Martin got involved with The Voice, he was the lead singer of this little band back in the day. This little band set the music world on fire.


Jack Wilkin