Making Your Uni Room A Place You Can Call Home.

When first moving into your new uni accommodation it can be daunting looking into the space and trying to see yourself living there for the next 8 months. However it’s actually a blank canvas for you to build upon. Here’s a few ideas to help transform your room and create a space where you’ll want to spend your time.


Probably the most obvious way to decorate any room. Here at DMU we’re lucky enough to have a poster sale which regularly comes to campus (just look our for the signs). With a wide variety of styles it’s easy of you to find one fitting to your personality. White Tac is the best way to put up your posters as it doesn’t leave marks on the walls (which means that damage deposit will coming running back to you).


Fairy lights and photos:

On trying to avoid making marks on the wall I found that attaching photos to a string of fairy lights ended up looking really nice (again saving that damage deposit). Photos for me really help with homesickness and are a great way of reminding yourself of the great memories you’ll make during your time at Uni. Attaching the photos to the light using paper clips is the easiest and neatest way without damaging the wire.


Hanging decorations:

I love my dream catchers! I find them so pretty, and it’s an easy way of adding colour into your room. If you’re lucky enough to have hooks in your room a colourful calendar also looks good as well as being functional. And if you want to be super fancy a tapestry can turn a whole dull white wall into a piece of ecstatic beauty, with so many different designs and patterns.

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Since it often takes up a large area of your room the colour and style of the bedding hugely affects the overall impression of your room. Although going into my second year I’ve realize that one solid colour of bedding can be overwhelming and lots of colours can be too busy and have a messy look. So get the balance right, there’s all sorts of designs out there so you’ll be sure to find one to suit you.



Cheap to buy and easy to make it covers a large area and can be any design. I just looked up sewing instructions on Pinterest, (it’s super straight forward) and I was able to find fabrics which matched my bedding to blend in with the rest of my room.


At the end of the day it’s all down to your personality and what fits your space. Personally I can’t say no to bright colours and all things flowery. But it’s up to you to make your space your own.

Go experiment and have fun.

Bex Woods