How to have THE best halloween house party ever!

Despite Halloween being on a Monday (neigh) this doesn’t mean you can’t cheat and celebrate this spooky holiday the weekend before (yay!). Break out those jack o’lanterns, the packets of fake blood and glow sticks, as we reveal to you on how to have the best halloween party ever.

1. Music.

Just like any good party, music gets everyone up and in the mood. So drag out those halloween songs, think Thriller, Ghostbusters, Somebody’s Watching Me and even the Time Warp. Need some tunes that everyone knows or some unique remixes? Check out our music articles for a truly epic twist to your party playlist.

2. Decorations.

Whether you want to go out all crazy or just want to put up some orange fairy lights, halloween decorations make a party even more special. Pinterest has loads of articles on DIY decorations that you can make your own.

spider web decorations

Top Tip: Poundland, Primark and TK Maxx are perfect for buying scary and well made halloween decorations for a cheap price.

3. Drinks.

Buzzfeed always have videos at this time of year showing halloween style drinks. For you potterheads out there, why not attempt at making an easy to make Butterbeer using butterscotch syrup, cream soda and whipped cream? Or if you want something a little bit stronger then there’s a whole range of halloween cocktails from the ‘Black Magic’ cocktail to ‘Witches Brew’ (as with all alcoholic drinks, please drink and enjoy responsibly).

4. Costumes.

So you’ve got the drinks, you’ve got the decorations and the music now all you need is your costume. Stay tuned on Tea Break has we give an entire article on this subject but for now pick something that you can do realistically and that you’re comfortable with. There are a million and one halloween makeup tutorials videos out there from Zombie looks to Vampires and even minions. Once again, Amazon is a good place for costume as well as Primark and cheap retail stores for simple things such as shirts and trousers, helpful if you’re buying them just to rip up.

These are our little bottles of wisdom to having a great Halloween party. But most importantly, be safe and have fun. Happy Halloween folks!

Jack Wilkin