Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes For 2016

Halloween is here! Stuck for ideas on what to wear? At Tea Break our newest member Charlotte digged out some fantastic costume ideas. Have a read and get inspired!

1. Pokemon go trainer

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Of course you’ve played Pokemon Go who hasn’t! So why not dress up this Halloween as your trainer and don’t feel like you have to do it alone. Bring along other trainers and while trick or treating try to catch em all!.

DIY this costume:
For the male costume you will need:
-A white hoodie (Optional: A pack of dye of your choice of colour so you can dye the jumper with the patterns shown above in the model costumes)
-Black shorts or Black jeans
-Black fingerless gloves
-A baseball cap
-Converse or trainers

For the female costume you will need: (you can pick the colour of your choice but i’ll mention yellow for this list)
-A yellow vest top or t-shirt
-Matching the colour to the top, yellow  shorts.
-Black leggings
-A white crop top or cardigan
-A baseball cap
-Black fingerless Gloves
-White and Blue ribbon enough to fit around you like a belt.

Simply see arrange the pieces of clothing however. For a more personalised costume why not print out the Pokemon symbol and pin/sew it onto the front of the cap and another onto the front of the costume.

For the female costume take the two piece of ribbon and sew the edges so that the two colours are showing and then sew into a belt shape. After this pin/sew the Pokemon symbol onto the front. You can also further pin/sew one onto the front of the white crop top/cardigan and onto the baseball cap. That’s your Pokemon trainer costume done!

2. Harley Quinn

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One of the most highly anticipated characters of 2016 was the infamous psychotic super villain Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie’s adaptation of this character brought a whole new riskiness to the villain and made Harley Quinn lovable but also deadly. Why wouldn’t you want to dress up as her for Halloween?

DIY this costume 
For this look you will need:
-A blonde wig (or for an extra authentic look why not dye your hair to match Harley’s)
-Blue and Pink hair chalk
-Fish net tights
-(Optional) Thick brackets and necklaces with spikes on them.
-Red eye shadows
-Blue eye shadows
-Black Snazaroo face paint
-Converse or trainers will suit this look
-A plain white t-shirt
-A laundry pen
-A white jack
-White shorts
-Red and blue dye packs

If you chose the dye optional follow the instructions on the back of the packet in order to set it up.Then proceed to dye each half of the jacket the necessary colours. Alternatively for a reasonable price you can purchase the complete costume set here.

With the hair, put into pig tails and then proceed to dye each of the tips. After you have applied the chalk spray some hairspray onto it in order to keep the dye in.

With the make up do your normal make up routine however, add red lipstick to your lips and use a mixture of blues and then reds on individual eyes.Then with a pencil brush drag the shadow from the corner of your eyes down your cheeks, to create the streak effects like Harley Quinn does. Then with the black face paint draw a heart on the right cheek under the eye. That’s your Harley Quinn done and ready to make mayhem!

3. Joker

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For those people who want an alternative psychotic super villain then Jared Leto’s Joker is the way forward. After all you can’t have Harley Quinn without the Joker. From the 2016 film ‘suicide squad’ we got the chance to see a new side to the crazed killer. So why not bring the super villain with the cracked smile to life?

For this looks you will need to do the jokers make up. Start by covering the face and neck area with the white face paint. Once you’ve done this use the red face paint to paint the lips and here you can even exaggerate the corners of the mouth to add the all too famous cracked smile. Put black face paint in the eye socket and then run a cotton bud under water to dampen it to drag the black edges out in order to create a cracked eye look. This step is now optional but you can use the black face paint to try and paint the tattoo’s on or you can go online and order a set of the jokers tattoo’s which are transferable.

4. Ghost Busters

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After the Ghostbusters re-boot this year it’s perfectly suitable to bring out the proton pack and psychomagnatheric slime. This is a costume great for the squad. So grab your friends and transform into the Ghostbusters. It’s amazing, but whatever you do, DON’T cross streams!

To make the costume feel that little bit more like the actual Ghostbusters, print out the logo and mount it onto card and pin it to the front of the overalls and on the sleeves. Since it’s halloween it might be worth going that extra mile and cover the costume in slime which will make your Ghostbuster costume even better.

5. Eleven (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things
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Stranger Things contains all things ’80s’ and the horror of the show hooked 2016 audiences. But the mysterious young girl Eleven stole the show with her psychokinetic powers. Dressing up as El for Halloween is easy, her wardrobe is very basic and made up of things you probably have dotted around the house anyway. With a few more touches you can transform into Eleven in a flash!

6. Beyonce (Lemonade)

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Beyonce’s Lemonade video was definitely a memorable moment in 2016. Since the visual album premiered on HBO it’s had an impressive 787,000 views! It’s a phenomena that has inspired this years fashion trends which is why it’s perfect for a halloween costume for 2016.

DIY this costume, you will need:
-A mustard yellow maxi dress
-A baseball bat
-Smokey eye palette
-Crimpers for your hair
-Stay heels (Preferably poke dot ones)
-Marker pen (Black)

Once you’ve got the basic elements there’s not much added work that needs to go into this look. If you want extra detail, take the marker pen and inscribe the bat with ‘Hot sauce’ which is what’s written on Beyonce’s in her video. Also crimp your hair like Beyonce has hers. Apart from that this look is complete!

7. Game of thrones

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GOT is one of the most successful shows of this generation. Even if you haven’t watched it you’ve probably heard about the blood shed and shocking departures of beloved characters (Rob stark and Hodor for example). Why not set off more feels by dressing up as Game of Thrones character this Halloween? I’ve picked out Hodor and Daenerys Targaryen to show you how to create these costumes!

For the Hodor costume all you need to do is strap about 2 belts around your body with the a cheeky box of bran cereal pressed against your back. Strap on the brown boots and your good to go!

For Daenerys take a blue dress and create a small slit in the front of the dress or make the bottom of the dress look bit ridged, after all she does get kidnapped a lot and you know owns 3 dragons. After this take your dragon teddy and your ready to run your kingdom.

8. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

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The upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is widely anticipated as the next edition of the ever loved Harry Potter series. So why not dress up as the new wizard on the block Newt Scamander. He has a suit case full of monsters and a wand so what could possibly go wrong?

Haven’t got a wand to hand? Follow these steps in order to create your very own Olivander Wand.

You will need:
-A chop stick/BBQ sewer or anything long (preferably wooden) that you wouldn’t mind covering in paint.
-Brown and black Paint (Acrylic will work best)

Start by making a handle at the base of your object. You can do this by packing the newspaper around the bottom and then covering it in tape. Then begin to paint it all in brown however you might want to mix a little bit of black to the brown when you colour the handle as that’s how newt’s wand looks. Leave it to dry and then you should have a wand.

9. Snapchat Filters

The Snapchat filters this year have certainly taken over the good old selfies. So, why not have a permanent Snapchat filter all night? Whether your the dog with its tongue out or the human with rainbow vomit these looks will sure be great for Halloween night. I’ve picked out two filters but most of the other filters can be done using the same method.

For this look all you need to do is print out some filter stencils and then take a piece of elastic or string and create a hole each side of the nose piece and attach the elastic to it so it can go round your head. It can be attached by sellotape or you can sew it it’s up to you. For the ear pieces do the same and then mount them onto a black or brown head band. A good smokey eye and dark lipstick would suit this look well.

All you need to do for the rainbow vomit is draw the rainbow spectrum down your chin and onto the the neck. I recommend starting from the bottom lip but don’t worry if the lines are not straight as in the actual filter they wave around. Then for the eye we need to make them appear bigger than they are so you will need to line the bottom of your eye with the white liner and then underneath that line with the black liner. This will create the impression of a large eye and then over blush of each cheek and you should be good to go.

10.Star Wars the Force Awakens

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These hero’s just missed last years halloween which is why they need to be worn. Rey and Finn quickly became much loved characters in the Star Wars universe which is why they will be the hottest costume this halloween.

DIY this (Rey) costume, you will need:
-Beige cropped pants
-Sleeveless beige top
-A lot of cotton to drape around.Cotton gauzes might do the trick.
-2 A leather belts
-UGG-style boots
-Large wooden broom stick, tree branch, or curtain or shower rods wrapped in gauze

Put the top and shorts on and then drape about 2 meters of the cotton gauze over each shoulder. Cross the gauze over at the front and then tie two belts over the gauze around your waist but leave one of the belts bit loose so that it slightly angles. Then begin to slightly pull on the cotton above the belts to that it becomes bit more baggy and adds more of a rougher look. After this wrap the object you have chosen for her staff in the remaining cotton and either tape or glue it into place.

With your Rey look nearly complete all you have to do now is the hair. Simply section the hair into 3 horizontal sections at the back and clip two out of the way. The technique for this is to tie to first section of hair (I recommend starting from the top) in a pony tail then on the last turn only pull have the hair through to create a messy bobbed look. Repeat this for the other two sections and you should end up with three messy bobs just like Rey. And voliah!

DIY this (Finn) costume, you will need:
-Black T-shirt
-Back trousers
-Brown boots
-A brown leather jacket (This can be found quite cheap on just google shopping)
-Red electrical tape

Finns look is far more simpler than Rey’s, after all he was a storm trooper so no time for shopping there. All you need is to take the red electrical tape and add one strip about 5cm’s long above where the pocket would be on the left hand side of the jacket. Then add about 5 strips over the right hand shoulder and the jacket is done. If you want to go further with this look, take some black or red face paint and make some scratches on the face or use the black to simulate smoke on the face.

A lot of these materials and props can be bought very cheaply online or in the high street. Shops like Primark will have top and shorts for no more than £8 and props like the Ghost busters launcher and Harley Quinn’s and Beyonce’s accessories can be purchases quite cheaply at any department store so. I guarantee that these are all student budget friendly looks.

So there you have it, based on my opinion the top 10 costumes to wear this Halloween. Do you agree with our list? Comment below any idea’s you have.

We hope you stay safe this Halloween and have a spooky night!

By Charlotte Ann Green