An Abstract Perspective.

Having studied art throughout my time at school, and it being a subject I love, these are just a series of pieces I’ve created. They’re a mix of ink, wire, hot glue and paper.

I love the way this piece turned out in terms of the silhouette it creates against the sky and having it stored outside also gave it a rusting effect on the metal turning it the colour of autumn leaves. It was lethal to make since it towered over me at and the wire had a tendency to shred my hands not to mention a constant threat to my eyes. It was totally worth it though to see the reactions on people’s faces when it was done.

Again this is another wire piece based entirely off the shapes of a bird bones (having studied a beautiful intricate pigeon skeleton). It was particularly difficult hanging the shapes as I used a fine silver thread which created beautiful shimmery lines holding the abstract 2D shapes.

Using a spray paint and stencil I created a series of abstract shapes which I formed into a giant dome like structure using hot glue which dried into translucent binding agent. I loved the interaction between shapes with how they fitted together, however it was not without numerous burnt fingers from the hot glue.

Slightly more simplistic compared to my previous work however I just love the way movement is captured here. It just reminds me of how sunlight catches sea water in summer creating all kinds of weird shapes

Unfortunately this photograph doesn’t show the extent of texture here. It’s a collage piece from paper with silver spray paint which catches the light giving rise to further secretive shapes hidden within. I also added the bold black outline to break up the sliver.

Experimenting for this piece was so much fun and rather messy as I found my hands being constantly stained by coloured inks. This photo shows one of four almost identical images I produced, with the other three being done in other colour schemes. This is one of my favourite pieces I have produced as not only is it bursting with vibrant colours but also incorporates the words from my favourite poem.
I do not in anyway claim to be an amazing artist, I just find it a shame that I spent so much time creating this pieces for them not to be seen by others. They all mean something to me personally mainly due to the fact I had to use abstract and often overly complicated methods in order to get the effect I desired. Hopefully the photos do them justice.
Bex Woods