Treat Yo Self: November Edition.

Following up from our previous issue of Treat Yo Self, of which you can read here, we’ve come back to do one for November. Once again, we can only spend a fiver so let’s see what’s in November’s article.

Sleeping Dumbo Tsum Tsum Toy

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Cost: £3.00
Where can you buy it? The Disney Store.
Why you should treat yourself? Look at him. Isn’t he adorable? He has a little dinky nose and little flappy ears. He’s just there sleeping and is so cuddly. Not to mention he’ll look good on the window place when you’re doing your assignment.

The Snowman and The Snowdog White Advent calender:

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Cost: £4.50
Where you can buy it? Thornton’s.
Why you should treat yourself? By the time the December issue of this comes out, it is very likely that you are going to be scoffing an advent calendar. However let’s be honest, housemates have a tendency to ‘borrow’ stuff so this stuff is personalised. For free! Oh and it’s white chocolate.


Rita Ora nail polish:

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Cost: £2.99
Where can you buy it? Superdrug
Why you should treat yourself? Firstly this polish dries in only 60 seconds. Ideal if you have to get ready for a social and cook dinner. It lasts up to 10 days and the colour is gorgeous. Not to mention the bottle is absolutely adorable with the little flower design.

British Rose Hand and Nail Tin:

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Cost: £5.00
Where can you buy this? The Bodyshop
Why you should treat yourself? A perfect little pic me up and it actually goes well with the nail polish I was talking about earlier. The tin contains a Rose scented hand-cream (which smells amazing. I totally planned to buy it next week when the Body-shop come to visit) and a really good quality nail file. Not to mention the design for the tin is absolutely gorgeous.

Duvet Doug Milkshake:

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Cost: £4.15 for a regular milkshake.
Where can you buy it? Shakeaway
Why should you treat yourself: If you love apple pie then try this amazing milkshake. It’s a brilliant dessert blended with ice-cream (or frozen yogurt if you prefer) and milk and topped with whipped cream. Try this hot and it’s the perfect comfort warming drink for when you are doing your Christmas shopping.
Next Treat Yo Self will be part of Tea Break’s Festive Countdown! #Excited.