Five Things That Will Happen At Christmas Whilst You’re At Uni.

Christmas market / lights

If you’re at/going to a big town or city, chances are there will be a Christmas lights switch on. This is basically an excuse for an evening out with your flatmates an dit’s a sure fire way to get in the mood for Christmas. Plus chances are you’ll end up in a bar which is guaranteed to end in merriment. It’s also worth looking out for any Christmas markets that come to your area; it’ll be an opportunity to look for cheap christmas presents plus there are always free trial tasters being handed out.

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Christmas jumpers

If you are part of a society at some point there will be a christmas themed social so having a christmas jumper to hand will be really useful. If you already have one I would highly suggest taking it with you when you move to Uni, if you don’t chances are you’ll be pulled into the Christmas spirit and be convinced to get one.

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Dinner with the flat

Guaranteed you’ll have a christmas dinner with your housemates/flatmates. This will either consist of going the whole hog and everyone putting money in for veggies, stuffing and all the other christmas dinner essentials. Or it’ll revolve around a take away, both are tasty options and both will get you all sitting down together.

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Secret Santa

Being at Uni you’ll soon enough realize you won’t be able to afford to get all you’re new friends christmas presents, and it’ll become a general agreement that Secret Santa is the way to go. Just put all the names of your friendship group into a hat and have individuals pull out a single name at random. And as tempting as it is to reveal to each other who you have: DON’T it’s so much more fun opening them together and guess who had who. Also don’t forget to set in place a price range so everyone gets presents of the same value, always type the label for your presents too as true friends will guess it’s from your handwriting.

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Last minute shopping for the family

As much as you’ll want to be organised, it is inevitable that there will be the last minute panic shop in order to get the surprise presents for your parents and other family members. It’s best to dedicate a Saturday to this process and have them wrapped before you leave so as not to accidentally reveal them.

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It’s always so much fun being able to enjoy the lead up to christmas with new people and in a new place, so just enjoy yourself, it won’t be long till you’re back to the reality of being at home and around the parents, so just enjoy the freedom.

Bex Woods