The PERFECT Gifts For: Book Lovers

It’s that jolly time of the year! Despite being a time to relax and be gathered by family, many of us find it stressful trying to find THE gift for those special people in our lives. That’s why here at Tea Break we’ve put together our ‘Perfect Gifts For’ series!

Got that book lover in your life? Struggling to know what to get them? Then read on and find their next Christmas gift.

Top Tip: Why not checkout the Penguin Flipper? No animals are harmed in the making of this, we promise. It’s a book generator that can come up with a book for anyone and everyone. Check it out here!

  1. Personalised Book Lover Quote Cards

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    We all know at least one avid book lover, so why not give them a little treat this year with these quotes all about reading. You can personalise the first card to leave a message and change the colour of the cards that suits them. Unique, beautiful and affordable.

  2. So Many Books, So Little Time! Bookend

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    Got a book friend who’s shelves are messy, cramped pack and lacking that little bit of style? Why not get them this bookend, which not only tells the morbid problem for every book reader, but also keeps things neat and classy.

  3. ‘Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows’ Wrapped Pencil Set

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    Where would we be without Potter and Etsy? This is the perfect pencil set for anyone who needs a little of magic added to their day. With quotes from the last book (as well as all the other Harry Potter books to choose from) this set really does make any Potter lover’s Christmas magical.

  4. Book Lovers Mug

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    Perfect for giving as a secret Santa for that book worm in your life. As a devoted book reader myself, we all need a cool mug to drink out of whilst sinking our teeth into a good read!

  5. Seasonal Spoofs

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    The orignials are always the best, but the parodies can get pretty close. So why not give your book lover a parody book? Such a large collection from parodies of ‘The Famous Five’ to ‘A Guinea Pig Oliver Twist’. Bound to give that special someone laughs for years to come.


Jack Wilkin