Four Christmas Songs You May Not Have Heard Of But NEED To!

There are two types of people in this big old world, those who love Christmas and those who hate it. I, for one, fall into the first category. The moment Halloween and Bonfire night have made their dues and left, it is straight on to Mariah Carey and Santa hats.

To me, it’s not just the food, the gifts or the decorations. It’s the music. It still amazes me how all these different songs can bring people together, especially at a festive time of the year. Having lived on this planet for 19 years (and hopefully many more to come) I’ve discovered my own Christmas songs that for too long have been hidden in the stocking. So here are 4 Christmas songs that may of slipped past you.

1) ‘The Perfect Christmas Single’ –  Scott Mills & His Pigs In Blankets.
Back in 2012, the BBC Radio 1 team decided to take up the challenge of creating THE perfect Christmas single. The result was this, with nods and references to other Christmas singles as well as having those festive messages that we all love. And, even better, it’s free to download on the BBC Radio 1 website.

2) ’Something About December’ – Christina Perri.
This is one of those songs that you and your friends/family can gather round the Christmas tree, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand, a mince pie in the other and listen to. It talks of remembering Christmases gone as well as having a warm and cosy tone.

3) ‘Underneath The Tree’ – Kelly Clarkson.
If you, like many other Christmas lovers, are a little bit tired of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey BUT you want that loved up theme, then this is perfect. Talk of just wanting that special person there, ready for you under the Christmas tree instead of the presents. Saxophones, a roaring crescendo and beautiful vocals, what more could you ask for?!

4) ‘At Christmas’ – Kylie Minogue.
Brand new for 2016 is this catchy tune from Kylie. Think of this as the opposite to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ as it talks about missing that someone from last year. Upbeat and a poppy tune this will certainly warm up your heart for Christmas!

Ho, ho, ho and there you have it. Four new songs to add to your Christmas playlist this year. Now get those Christmas jumpers out, grab a hot chocolate and have a merry Christmas!

Jack Wilkin