The Body Shop Sellers: What Products To Get This Year!

Let me set you the scene. It’s a cold, dark and frosty Tuesday evening. Most of Tea Break, as well as the DMU Creative Writing Society (CREW), are huddled in the Students Union. What better thing to do than to get into joggers and jumpers and to have a representative from the Body Shop come in and give us some Christmas deals!


Below are some of the products that were actually bought on the night! Enjoy!

Vitamin E Moisturiser

With different skin types out there it can be near impossible to find an effective moisturiser for you. However, one of our members found a solution to their problems with the body shop Vitamin E range. Perfect for all skin types with a fresh and soothing scent, this is a great product to treat you, or someone you know this Christmas.

Argon Oil Body Butter

If you’re looking to help tackel dry skin on your hands and arms, a few of our members bought body butters. With a warming scent and providing nourishment for 48 hours, these little tubs go a long way.

Argon Oil Body Scrub

Wild Argan Oil Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub

Sticking with the Argon Oil range, this was also popular among our members. Whereas the body butter nourishes dry skin, the scrub cleans out and exfoliates the skin. A must have to make skin clean, smooth and fresh.

Vitamin E Skincare Collection

Want to really tackle your skin and show it who’s boss? Checkout this Vitamin E Skincare collection which comes complete with the Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash; Vitamin E Toner; Vitamin E Moisture Cream. A wonderful gift and perfect value.

Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover

After a good night out the last thing you want to do is try to scrub eye makeup off. That red eye stained look isn’t really coming back this year. Body Shop however has the solution, with this gentle eye make-up remover which is even suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Natural, fragrance free and soothing, this is perfect for the aftermath of those Christmas parties.