Top 10 Films To Look Forward To In 2017 (Originals)

This is the second of a two part blog entry, focusing on which films I’m looking forward to most in 2017 which you can check out here. By original I do not necessarily mean original screenplay, as some of these may be based on true events or previously published material, like a book. But in terms of cinema, they are as new as they come. So, here we go!

The Dark Tower:

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Based on the Stephen King novel series of the same name, The Dark Tower will bring together Idris Elba and Mathew McConaughey in a story of action, fantasy, horror and adventure. Little is actually known about the film yet, so keep your eyes peeled for a trailer!



Wilson is a lonely, socially incompetent and brutally honest middle-aged man who reunites with his estranged ex-wife, only to find out he has a daughter he didn’t know about. The trailer suggests that Woody Harrelson will be bringing laughter in the bucket load.


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Anything Christopher Nolan produces is nothing short of incredible, so naturally I’m more than pumped for his next film, and his first one based on a true story. The film stars Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Harry Styles. Yes, that guy from One Direction. Regardless of his acting capabilities, this a pretty epic first film for anyone to be in.

La La Land


Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, romance, musical, comedy. Sounds like a perfect girls night in. Whilst as a man, I don’t tend to have too many girls nights in, I have to say I’m a big fan of both lead actors, and the trailer actually sells this film to me quite well.



Directed by and starring Denzel Washington, Fences will follow the story of a father and his issues with racism, his family and past events in 1950s in American. Don’t be surprised to see either Denzel or Viola Davis nominated for a lead actor/actress Oscar for this film.



Matthew McConaughey will be starring in this new adventure that seems to combine aspects of The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle together. An unlikely duo head to Indonesia on the hunt for gold, but it seems their journey won’t be quite so simple when greed shows its ugly face.



Jake Gyllenhaal’s recent roles have been nothing short of spectacular, so any time I see he’s going to be in a new film, I’m there. Also starring Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Fergusson, Life will centre around a space expedition that will unintentionally find life on Mars. The trailer does a good job of capturing the intensity of what will hopefully follow.


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No trailer as of yet for Silence, but the synopsis, cast and the fact that it’s Martin Scorsese’s passion project sells it to me plenty enough. In the 17th century, two priests will head to Japan to find their mentor and spread the word of Christianity. I get the feeling this won’t be an easy one to watch at times.



Chris Evans will set aside the blue suit and shield, and instead take up a much more humble role as a man who gets caught in a custody battle with his mother over his genius niece. It’ll be nice to see what Evans can do with a character that focuses more on emotion than beating the hell out of bad guys and aliens.

Hacksaw Ridge


Mel Gibson will make his return to the role of Director for this true story. Andrew Garfield will portray Desmond Doss, a soldier who wanted so desperately to serve his country in the field of battle during WWII, but refused to kill a single person. Desmond Doss was the first soldier to be awarded the Medal of Honour without once firing a shot. I predict some powerful scenes in this one, and hope that it can help Andrew Garfield revive his career as well.

There will be a whole host of films yet to be announced for 2017, so do keep your eye out on what else there will be on offer! Which films are you most excited about in 2017?

Stuart Keating