The PERFECT Gifts For Dad.


Need some inspiration on what to get Dad for Christmas? Here at Tea Break we’ve searched the internet high and low for some

The DIY Pen

tech tool pen

Amazon Tech-Tool Pen

If you have a Dad that has a collection of screwdrivers and names each one of them, as well as having a plethora of hammers, spanners and pens, then this is their perfect gift. Armed with a fully functional pen at one end and a screwdriver with two different sized heads at the other, the Tech-Tool Pen is spot on for the Dad that can’t help but do a bit of tinkering. It even as a ruler on one side AND a level spirit. What more could a Dad want from a pen!


Chalkboard Mug

We always think of Dads to be wise, great thinkers…well, if any of those statements are true, then they all need something to jot down those handy ideas. This mug has the coating of a chalkboard. Yes, a chalkboard! Arm your Dad with some chalk (included in the box) and let him loose! Write ideas, to-do lists or notes on how you like your tea/coffee made. Something every Dad would appreciate! Find it here.


Snapshot Mug 

Speaking of mugs, let’s take a snapshot of this one (pun intended). If your Dad is someone who takes photos of every conceivable thing, at every conceivable moment, then this camera lens mug is THE thing for him. Now they can take pictures in the cold and still have a warm drink…just make sure he doesn’t get the two confused! Fun, practical and well created, it’s a photographer Dad’s ultimate gift. Check it out here!



Retro Game Cartridge Soap

All Dads remember the gods of gaming consoles. When you say PS4, they think Nintendo 64. So bring out his inner child with these soaps in the design of Nintendo 64 game cartridges. The same company also does Gameboy and Gamecube cartridge soaps. Take your pick from the classics, such as Donky Kong, Legend of Zelda or Mario Kart 64 and set his inner geek free! Find them here.

A Frosty Pint Glass

For most Dads, nothing tastes better than an ice cold pint. Even though the heat of Summer may feel like YEARS away, it’ll hit you like a wrecking ball before you know it. So, why not prepare your Dad with this Freeze Cooling Pint Glass. Does what it says on the, metaphorical, tin.

Jack Wilkin