How To Survive The Family Christmas Get Together.

Christmas is a time when the whole family comes together to celebrate a joyful occasion but having the whole family together might not be your idea of having the best time. It can simply all come crashing down when that auntie,uncle or the in-laws walk through the door. This is a survival guide to combat the time spent with the relatives and avoid the christmas family drama that may occur around the dinner table.
Now I don’t know about you but I have a whole side of the family that forces me to quickly pray before opening the door and greeting them in. Over the years I have found little tips and shortcuts into how to deal with the difficult relatives and survive through christmas so I thought I’d share.

Change The Subject

To avoid the horrible conversations I’d say change the subject as often as you can. about the weather, a past holiday or the latest movie or anything to avoid those conversations. (In extreme cases avoid eye-contact).


Make It A Game

The thing that makes me want to run and hide from my relative’s is that they always ask about school, my grades and then proceed to tell me their children (my cousins) are doing better. Therefore I devised my own version of bingo, every time they brought up the topic of education, my future career prospects or my love life i’d make a mental tally in my mind. If I got three of each then i’d win. YAY! See it can be all fun and games!


Help Wherever You Can

If your games three of each limit has been expired then make yourself busy. Ask to help out in the kitchen, set the table or decorate something around the house. This is to keep yourself busy and avoid sitting opposite them on the couch leaving yourself vulnerable to the awkward stares, silences and, of course, those conversations.


Smile And Wave Boys, Smile and Wave

Sometimes zoning out and thinking about that cat playing the piano in that video on Facebook is a way to combat the relatives. While you smile and nod and look like you’re listening they think they are in a deep conversation. (No harm done).
RELAX, just breathe (Deep breathes, IN and OUT) if your at your wits end then escape. I often found the stares are a good place to hide as no one ever expects someone to just be chilling on the stairs.Take a few minutes and then return to the festivity’s. REMEMBER they will usually only be there for a couple of days, YOU CAN DO IT!.
So there are some tricks and tips into surviving christmas with the family. Most importantly do have a good time and have a Merry Christmas.