With each Christmas, a dangerous decision enters the minds of Christmas shoppers. Do they do their shopping online, or brave the shops?

It’s a serious problem and both have pros and cons. There’s really only one option left – use a mixture of both. Whilst there are some great deals online, it is also possible to find great deals in shops with prices which you simply wouldn’t believe.

So with that in mind, here are 5 places to shop this Christmas and find some great gifts, at great prices.


Of course we need to start with the big one, Amazon! Even better if you’re a student, then you get Amazon Prime free for 6 months meaning next day delivery! With new deals being uploaded every day, they have offers on music, books, clothes, electronics and that’s only the start of the list. Plus, if you have a family member or friend who has an Amazon wishlist, you can order items directly from it. Saves you worrying about whether or not they’ll like your gift.


‘Savers’, as the name suggests, is a high street store offering health and beauty items at low prices. If you’re looking for gift sets, then this is the place to go. Lynx sets from £2.99, as well as aftershaves and perfumes at discounted prices. Perfect for that friend/family member who takes pride in their grooming habits.

TK Maxx

‘TK Maxx’ always say they offer discounts of up to 60% off…and they aren’t kidding! DKNY shirts reduced from £80 to £30, French Connection dresses from £120 down to £40 and so much more. As well as offering great deals of clothes and accessories, they also have mega good deals on beauty sets, homeware and gadgets. Great if you’re a student and on a tight budget. Check out their website here or drop into one of their stores!


Now, ‘Debenhams’ can be pricey, but they have fantastic stocking fillers or gifts for Secret Santa ranging from £5 to £10. From a ‘Build Your Own Snowman Kit’ to ‘Office Table Mini Golf’ as well as numerous toys and comedy books to choose from. They also do ‘Gift Experiences’ such as Indoor Skydiving for Two or a Health Club Day Pass means there is something special for everyone.

The Works

Come on, nothing says ‘Happy Christmas’ more than a good book, a top notch journal and matching stationery…oh just me then. But with its 10% student discount, Christmas sale and just general loveliness, ‘The Works’ will easily be able to provide you with gifts for those book loving, stationery obsessed creatures that you call friends or family and will get you in their good books (pun very much intended!).


Jack Wilkin