Why YOU Should Join Tea Break.

It’s the start of term 2 which means refreshers is on track! We’re looking, as always, for some fabulous writers to join our family. To tempt you, why not checkout our top 5 reasons for joining Tea Break DMU

We are growing!

We have several videos in the editing stages ready for our Youtube Channel (which you can watch here), we’ve just finished our Festive Countdown which had everything from gift ideas to game reviews and we’ve discussing ideas for charity fundraisers and big events! So come on, be part of Tea Break history.

Our social calendar is amazing.

Whether you’re a party animal or a humble tea drinker, our social calendar has a variety of events taking place. From bar crawls to outdoor pursuits. And we’re always looking for new social ideas, so suggest an idea and we’ll try and make it happen.

You’re not just joining one society.

Our previous collab socials have been with societies such as Creative Writing, Labour and Sub Aqua. And are in talks with the LGBT+ Society to do some amazing things for DMU Pride as well as planning big events with other societies right across the DSU.

Anyone and everyone is welcome.

No matter if you’ve done the odd bit of writing here or if you’re a dedicated blogger, anyone is welcome. We also have a safe, encouraging and supportive atmosphere no matter who you are, what you preach or who you love. If you’re nice, creative and got a passion then there is a space for you here.

You join us, you become part of a little family.

You join Tea Break, you join our little family. You meet people who are just as creative and passionate as you and you get to improve your writing and video editing skills in the process.

Sounds like a club you want to be part of? Got to DMU? Then email us at teabreakdmu@gmail.com and let the your journey begin.