To The View That Reminds Me of You By Kathryn Adderley

To The View That Reminds Me of You

This view is breath taking.
It’s the kind of view that doesn’t sleep at night
It’s the view that you see in your dreams
When you close your eyes, you can see for miles.

I like to stand here and imagine you with me
Because this is an image I think you would like
There have been times before where we’ve stood on the edge
And watched the waves roll in over the dirty sand
Another view that reminds me of you.

The smell of salt is an echo from when we first met
And where we continue to meet
Under the balcony of grown up years
We see each other clear

We seem more confident in our actions
Well, you are. I’m getting there.
You lean over the barrier that keeps us safe
Flirting with the danger of the fall.
You laugh at how I panic.
Because I don’t want you to slip,
We don’t know what happens after

Its these moments with you
That I see in this view.

By Kathryn Adderley @katiieee4