Renowned Film Quotes Part 1

This was surprisingly hard to write, as soon as I started to scratch the surface of well known film quotes I found loads coming to mind, therefore I am by no means saying this is a definitive list. I have also limited quotes to one per film franchise, nonetheless I’m sure this list will guarantee to put a smile on your face as you’re reminded of some of these classics. This is only part one so keep your eyes peeled for part two coming soon!

“I’m walking here! I’m walking here!”
Midnight Cowboy, 1969

Being a low-budget movie they were unable to close off Sixth Avenue for the filming of the scene in question. So when a rogue cab driver decided to jump the light almost hitting the duo, Dustin Hoffman was so embodied into his role that he responded as his character (‘Ratso’). It’s incredible that this widely known line actually originated from a moment of ad-lib. Good thing that director John Schlesinger decided to keep it in.

“May the Force be with you”
Star Wars (Any Star Wars Film You Look At)

Not going to lie it was difficult to decide between the ”May the Force be with you” and another renowned moment in film history coming from the 1980 Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back with “I am your father.” Ultimately I made the choice based on how many people miss quote the I am your father line, and am instead paying credit to the phrase which has given rise to the unofficial ‘Star Wars Day’ with May the 4th.

“Bond, James Bond”
Dr No (1962)


A commonly used James Bond reference, where the 007 not-so-secret agent states his name, surname first. I’m sure every person has their own opinion as to which Bond said it best, so I’ll just leave it with the first Bond to have said it Sean Connery.

“Why so serious?”
The Dark Knight (2008)


At strong competition with “I’m Batman”, I feel as though with a name already in the title of the movie, “Why so serious” should get a mention. Also with the release of Suicide Squad I feel the need to place a reminder as to my personal favourite Joker: Heath Ledger, who applied his own makeup for the character and had an array of knives he would play with in order to get into character before filming a scene. And despite what the character says, you have to take him serious as he reveals the story of how he got his scars. Chilling.

“To infinity and beyond”
Toy Story (1995)

A bit more light hearted, Toy Story got you to question if your toys really did come to life when you weren’t looking. And again as with the other movies I have mentioned there are other quotes which spring to mind when you think of the Toy Story films: “There’s a snake in my boot” and “You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful”. However with the iconic Buzz Lightyear pose and numerous children who like to dress up and scream the statement, this is defo the top Toy Story quote.

Personally I found that writing this list put me in the mood to watch a couple of the films, film night in I think is required! WHy not comment below your favourite movie quotes and stay tuned for part 2!

Bex Woods