Let’s read into: ‘Look what you made me do’- Taylor Swift

Taylor swift’s: ‘Look what you made me do’ Music video.

So, the time has come people. Taylor Swift has returned back to us and boy, she is coming back kicking.

The video opens with Hocus Pocus/Michael Jackson’s thriller vibes.

We first see Swift, or should I say zombie Swift, claw her way out a dirtied grave. As both a general consumer and huge Swift fan, I immediately notice it was the Swift from the ‘Out of the woods’ music video. Complete with the dress, the camera pulls in to show the emaciated and horrifying looking zombie Swift. It is at this point I should mention this is Swift saying goodbye to all her past selves, and she is doing it in style. (Accidental Swift pun acknowledged…)

Check that, ‘Zombie Swift’ is most definitely the best phrase i’ve ever used…


The first two lines are spoken by the Zombie Swift and Swift is not holding back.

SHADE 1: “I don’t like your little games. Don’t like your tilted stage”

So, do you all remember that time Swift got mad because Kayne sang about her and she said she didn’t consent to it. Meanwhile Kim K released a conversation proving Taylor new all about it and even agreed to let Kayne use it. Well… This ultimately meant Swift was busted and sadly called a snake by a lot of people. Now here’s where Swift hits back. As on Kayne Wests last tour his stage was titled and many think that this line was definitely a nod towards him.

Anyway, the zombie setting then cuts to a shot of the ‘Blank Space’ Swift in the bath tub filled with jewels. This fancy Swift states multiple times that she, “Don’t like you” in fact four times to be exact. Only 0.52 seconds in an already Swift is going for it.

The video then cuts to a new Swift dressed in red. A colour often used to symbolise Love, passion and blood, sitting on a gold throne.

While on the throne she sings,

“But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time. Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time. I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined.”

To me in these specific lyrics she’s nodding back the West incident. However, she saying she understands what she did but is now saying she is smarter and knows not to trust people like that. Swift then states that her comeback is in full swing as she has, ‘Rose up from the dead’ after her year hiatus in a better state, an overall better version of herself.

Now the last bits intriguing, A lot of Swift’s anthems are stemmed off of past celebrity relationships. Till this day we don’t know who inspired, ‘Blank Space’ but in that song she does sing,

“But I’ve got a blank space, baby, And I’ll write your name.”

So, is Swift now shading an ex as her she has a, “list of names and yours is in red, underlined.”

I think so and for this however, the mystery guy may be SHADE 2.

Now just before, we cut to the next scene shall we talk about the black snakes circling her thrown and pouring her tea.That’s right, I really just said that. Now, if you haven’t watched the music video and need to take a minute away from this article to see if I’m telling the truth. GO AHEAD. I’m telling the truth. As said previously, she was called out for being a snake and trying to turn people against Kayne for something he didn’t even do. So, is this Miss Swifts attempt the embrace the snake? I think so.

Anyway, the scene then jumps to a gold car wrapping itself around a tree following a collision.

Accompanied by these lyrics on repeat,

“Ooh, look what you made me do. Look what you made me do. Look what you just made me do. Look what you just made me.” in a rhyme very similar to, ‘Right Said Fred’s – I’m to sexy.”

We then see this Swift singing along whilst whipping her head around as the car impacts. It isn’t until this Swift turns to the camera that we notice the similarity between her and Miss Katy Perry. There is also a cheetah on the seat next to her implying a kitty cat reference which is what Perry calls her fans.

For all of you that don’t know about Swift’s on going feud with Katy Perry, basically Katy perry said 3 of her dancers could go and dance on Taylor’s tour as long as they came back to her when she started her tour. The dancers made sure this was in there signed contracts to Taylor. Perry then goes on tour and of course asks for the dancers back. However, Taylor took it as Perry stole her dancers and blah blah blah, the rest is history. Ever since it’s true the to have not got on.

So, SHADE 3, impersonating her rival whilst holding a grammy something Katy has yet to get.

In the next scene we see Swift display a number of many ego’s whilst singing her honest lyrics. This video not only is Swift calling out the people who have done her wrong but she is also not taking herself to seriously, and parody’s herself. We see Swift in a vault preforming some sort of heist and Taylor is burning money. This could be a nod to a version of herself sadly a lot of the public see her as. When Taylor removed her songs from online streaming platforms many described her as, ‘Greedy’ and ‘Money hungry’. So, Swift burning the money is her showing that she is combatting that assumption of her as a person and the reason why she removed her music.

So, SHADE 4, Dis-proving her haters as to assuming her and her actions in a negative way.

The scene then cuts to Taylor is her bad blood costume. The scene is very futuristic as she stands in front of a massive of girls dressed the same way. Large scenes are displayed behind Swift and displaying the words squad. This is Taylor throwing shade to all the people who hate her squad. Many say that Taylor just adds people who are doing well in the industry to better herself. Almost like she manufactures her girls. Therefore, the mass of women I described before standing in front of Swift look very mannequin-esk. This is Taylor’s 5th SHADE by playing on what the haters have said about her squad being manufactured.

The video then cuts to one of the dancing scenes. We see Swift in a ballroom with, ‘Blank Space’ vibes surrounded by a group of male dancers in heels and crop tops. However, it’s whats on their crop tops that really catches my eye. The tops read, “ I ❤ T.s.” The exact same as Tom Hiddleston’s (Taylor’s EX) t-shirt said when him and Swift were dating. This scene is all very much a scene nodding to all of her 8 ex’s as there is also 8 male dancers. Swift knows how to throw shade!

Now prepare yourself because the last scenes may blow your mind. We see the new Swift with Rep on her t-shirt standing on top of a pile of the old Swift’s. They are all trying to climb up to the new Taylor but failing. ‘You belong with me’ Swift actually gets kicked in the face by Vogue Swift during this scene. This is Taylor showing the new Swift is pushing all the old Swifts away. This scene could even infer that Swift is going through some identity crisis right now because she is showing so many faces. This scene could overall imply she’s doing whatever she can to be on top and by ditching the old swift’s that can be achieved.

The is supported by my personal favourite line in this song,

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”


“Oh, ’cause she’s dead!” (ohh!)

Taylor. Queen. I’m sorry but back up, What did you just say?

The song then ends but in no way does that mean the video is over. We see a row of Swifts standing in front of a plane. We see 14 Swifts all from Taylor’s old reputations and they are all dissing each other. One part that stands out for me in this bit is when, RED Swift tells country Swift to stop playing the victim and to stop being fake. Meanwhile yet again another load of SHADE was thrown at Katy. As Swift Perry that we had seen earlier in the video is also in the line up,

“Collecting receipts.”

This is a nod to Katy Perry’s most recent song, ‘Swish Swish’ were Perry sings,

“And karma’s not a liar

She keeps receipts.”

Anyway it ends with all the Swifts telling each other to shut up and stop all of the Taylor drama as like VMA Swift said she,

“Would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.”

And that concludes Taylor’s Swifts come back video, ‘Look what you made me do’.

However, there is one more thing i’d like to discuss. Bit of a wild theory here but whilst all of the Swifts are standing in a row at the end, chatting and what not, there is another Taylor standing on the plane behind. This Swift we haven’t seen previously and she writes the word ‘Reputation’ on the side of the plane, and then proceeds to just watch all of the Taylor’s argue. So, a theory is that the one standing on the plane is the real Taylor. Always wanting to stay behind and stay out of the drama. This is the Swift we don’t get to see because that is the real Taylor. A very private and excluded person watching the fake swifts live. So, i’m just going to throw that out there so, have a think on that one.

Anyway, that’s a little bit of an analysis of Taylor Swift music video.

I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any further thoughts or feedback, feel free to comment down below.

Until Next time…

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