BOO! After our latest meeting this week we thought on day 5 of halloweek we could share with you some more Halloween idea’s.

One of our members has gone onto the oh so popular site Pinterest, where users can save, sort, and manage images known as pins and pin them to a board. On said board they have pinned many spooky images in order to help you enhance your halloween activity’s.

Sadly only once the board was completed we found out we can no longer embed the boards (Uncontrollably cries). However, don’t fear we simply have the link here…

All of these pinned images are exceptional. Sadly we do not own them so credit to each and every artist for these amazing creations.

I especially love the death star pumpkin but I think it’s going to take me like 10 hours to complete.

So, with that said I better be off and start this huge pumpkin project.

I hope your halloween preparations are going well.

Until Next time…

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