Marsicans Interview (October 2017)

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Interview conducted by: Georgia Shipley 

I met up with James, Rob and Oli from Leeds-based, Indie Pop band Marsicans at Leicester’s very own Dryden Street Social, to see what they have been up to recently. The band have been busy on tour with the likes of Hippo Campus, Clean Cut Kid, and they are set to go on tour with JAWS at the end of this month.

Recommend Marsicans: For fans of Little Comets, and Vampire Weekend.

TB: Hi guys, thanks letting me interview you! How are you?

James: It’s nice to see you again, it’s been a while!

TB: It has… I think it’s been about a year?

Oli: That long!? Well doesn’t time fly.

TB: Indeed! So, you were on tour with Clean Cut Kid, how was that?

Rob: Amazing, yeah! They were probably the loveliest people we have gigged with. It’s just been great.

TB: So, do you like Clean Cut Kid’s music?

James: Do we like their music? Yes, absolutely. We weren’t bored at all, listening to their music every night!

TB: You released your single ‘Too Good’ in July. Can you tell us what that’s about?

Rob: It essentially started with some key sounds and Oli had a cool guitar riff, and merged together, we created a part of the song.

James: It’s quite romantic deep down. Other times you feel you have to write about other things.

Rob: It’s about being in love with someone, so much so, that you feel it’s a bit ’too good’ [laughs]

TB: What’s your favourite song to play live?

Rob: At the moment, for me, it’s ‘Arms of Another’ because we’ve got this fun introduction to the set.

Oli: ‘Friends’ is my favourite at the minute! I know I’m having a good time when I start dancing.

James: It’s ‘Far Away’ for me. It’s good when you’ve got a good crowd that are up for it.

TB: You also went on a little trip around Europe with Hippo Campus! How was that?

Oli: It was really good!

Rob: It was incredible to go to new places that we’d never been – not just as a band, but also people. I’ve never been to Berlin before!

Oli: Just travelling around Europe was great. You know, long drives and all, but it was amazing.

TB: What’s been your best moment so far of 2017?

Rob: There’s been a couple of moments I’ve been pretty proud of [laughs]

Oli: We played a really good set at Leeds Fest. We had a really lovely summer. We were blown away with festival season really, because we started out the year, not really having much planned; but then things kept cropping up and we had great crowds!

Rob: We were surprised by the amount of people who came to see us. We still don’t consider ourselves to be a band that people ‘care about’ in the wider community. I think, there’s no better validation than when you go out onto a stage, and there’s people there and you’re a bit taken aback.

TB: Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with, in the future?

Rob: Kanye West.

James: For me, it would be The Staves.

TB: Oh, I love The Staves, they’re awesome!

James: I say collaborate with them; I think if I were to stand in front of them, I wouldn’t make any noise, I’d be in total awe.

TB: Finally, if you could be stuck in a lift with anyone who would it be?

James: Paul McCartney, hands down.

Rob: Fair play! I don’t think anyone would have as many good stories as Paul McCartney. And I think he’d just be a really nice chap.

Oli: Now, I know he’s dead, but Robin Williams. One night I spent watching YouTube videos of his interviews and I think he was hilarious. I think one to one, things would get pretty interesting.

Rob: Louis Theroux would be great to be stuck in a lift with. I’d say he’s a really interesting guy.

You can catch Marsicans on tour with JAWS (dates here). Their latest single ‘Throw Ourselves In’ is available on Spotify and iTunes. You can also follow Marsicans on Twitter and Instagram: @marsicans.