Star Trek (2009) Review


There has been many variations of Star Trek over the years including the TV series and the movies. However, it was the 2009, J. J. Abrams version that caught my eye. Star Trek really isn’t something I would watch and I have never watched the series. I was never really a fan, which is strange considering I quite enjoy sci-fi movies. One of the reasons I ended up watching it was because I got persuaded and of course, Chris Pine is in it so, how can I neglect a movie he’s in.

I am actually surprised I liked this one. The action was compelling, I really embraced and felt for the characters very early on in the movie. I watched the second one recently, and what I noticed was they both start off with a tense and emotional story. I felt entirely attached and it really drew me in. The start of the movie has to hook you , if its good and this movie certainly did. If the start of a film is boring, then you don’t really want to carry on which is a shame but it’s fact.

The film hooked me by giving the back story of Spock and his half human, half Vulcan self. You see him confused and struggling with how he wants to live his life, which is fairly relatable. He ends up choosing humans because it seemed like he was inferior to the Vulcans as he was half human and had FEELINGS. It ended up being the best decision as he joined the Starfleet, he was exposed to the universe and unknown planets. Alongside this, you see James Kirk’s story too. The beginning scene starts with his father saving the USS Kelvin, which gives the character credit and means he has a legacy. However, Kirk rebels and gets in to fights. He soon realises, with some help, that he belongs with the Enterprise and is a born leader. Pine does an amazing job with this character, he always seems to be a dominant character in his movies and it works.

The fact that Kirk risked his life to try and save the Vulcans just shows what a caring character he is and everyone needs someone like him. He also went to save Captain Pike from the Romulans. Spock is similar to kirk in a sense that he beamed himself down to his planet to save his

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 14.53.18.pngmother and others, risking his life. Even though his mother didn’t make it, the thought counts. It just proves how similar Spock and Kirk are. It’s one thing that you can appreciate about their personalities which makes me feel for them more.

One of the things I love most is Spocks relationship with James T. Kirk (Chris Pine). The pair battle to be the best they can be but you know all they want in the end is to do the right thing for the crew and their voyage.

Kirk soon confronts Spock about his feelings. Turns out he’s with Uhura, who Kirk wanted to be with coincidently. Which shows, SPOCK HAS FEELINGS! Who would’ve known.

I would also like to mention Scotty, who is slowly becoming one of my favourite characters. I mean, I love Simon Pegg anyway, but he just made me laugh and it was quite nice to have a light hearted character to lift the mood, while all the drama is happening.

Spock eventually meets future Spock. This is an intense moment. I thought he would have more to say to himself really. Leonard really portrayed Spocks character well and as completely different people, it was believable that they are the same person. It’s the way they talk, and come across and expressed in their mannerisms. But future Spock just had more knowledge and wanted to advise his younger self of the best way possible. Isn’t that what we all want; a future us to tell us what not to do, to advise us away from stupid things and making mistakes. But sadly that’s not really going to happen.

The ending, of course, was happy and everyone survived. Kirk ended up Captain and he is not in rivalry with Spock anymore, which future Spock mentioned. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship!

Go watch Star Trek!



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