Kesha – Rainbow Tour 2017

Written in November, 2017:

This week I was blessed to be in the presence of the one and only miss Kesha Rose. This was her first album released after certain troubles in her life prevented her from releasing music. In august 2017 Kesha released, Rainbow after nearly two years of writing. As she was dealing with issues both personally and professionally, this album embodies becoming a self empowered individual. The album in a way describes a story of how Kesha has pulled through and became her own boss.

After just one listen of this album I just knew I had to hear it live. When this tour was announced there was only 22 shows announced and just one of them was in Europe, London in fact. So, I did what any super fan would do and got in the endless digital queue for tickets. My friends and I had this plan to ring each other and attempt to all try and get tickets. After many breakdowns later my friend secured 3 tickets, it was then I added the 14th of November to my calendar.

The day finally arrived and 3 northerners headed down to the capital. Brixton’s an odd place and it definitely was an experience. We researched beforehand the top 10 places to eat in Brixton and we decided to head to this burger restaurant called, ‘Honest Burger’. Sure it was in a back street with a pigeon with one leg but hey it was actually okay, we’d recommend the adventure.

The time came and with only 1 hour and a half to go we decided to get in the queue. Standing rigidly on a street in Brixton about 50 yards from the entrance to the Brixton Electric, we awaited. After many games of eye spy and guess the song the queue started to move and in we went.

We were standing so close. Then the time came and miss Kesha Rose came out. Opening with one of her more up beat tracks on the record she sang, ‘Women’. Everyone was dancing along with her and from that first minute I knew that this was going to be a fun night.


I’ll be honest I didn’t think Kesha has the strongest vocals but that doesn’t mean the songs weren’t good nor powerful because they definitely was. She went through the whole album and these were some of my highlights.

First of all the back up dancers were incredible and totally took the stage and made it their own. You could see the chemistry between the two boys and Kesha and it really made for a strong stage presence.

Kesha sang one of the songs from the album, ‘Hunt you down’. It’s a country song about making sure your significant other won’t mess you around and will know the consequences if he/she did. Personally it’s one of my favourites on the record. This song was only made better by it being paired with her classic dance song, ‘Timber’. Lost in the music is not an understatement. I was honestly out of breath by the end of it but did I regret it, NO!

Another highlight was Kesha bringing her mum on stage and singing a song called, ‘Godzilla’. This song was written by her mum and by the sheer fact that she was singing the song with her mum by her side which made her cry, which made me cry and it was a whole big crying thing.

With the whole crying thing still in full force, Kesha then started singing her first single

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 22.30.21.pngfrom the album, ‘Praying’. This addresses the sexual assault court case Kesha had to go through against her former producer. The queen has pulled through and is now back in the presence of her loving fans. The song is about coming back from the brink of giving up on life. It’s emotional, empowering and the vocals in the song are beyond everyones expectations. Especially the whistle tone note at the end. Now she did not do this note live but the performance was so moving.

She then exited the stage only to return 3 minutes later to preform her first single, ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘B*sta*ds’ and what a way to end the show that was. Although I was slightly disappointed that she didn’t preform the title track of the album, ‘Rainbow’ it still was one amazing night.

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