Leicester Comedy Festival- ‘Memoirs of A Dater’

Tea Break was offered the chance to have a sneak preview into one of the up and coming acts in this years Leicester comedy festival.

3 of our lucky members were invited down to the western to witness a show show that, ‘definitely did not disappoint’.

‘Memoirs of A Dater’ is a word based performance, ‘trials and tribulations of a young woman and her dating disasters’ [Leicester Comedy,1]. This act was inspired by ‘The Vagina monologues’. It’s a relatable and funny show highlighting the dating history us girls I’m sure have all had. These perhaps stressful and woeful times of dating have been turned around and made to be a more comedic. During the show these past memories have been twisted into past times you can definitely look back on and smile after watching this show.

-We were given FREE entry into this event and all reviews are our own thoughts-

Georgia’s review:

‘I really enjoyed watching Memoirs of a Dater! It was relatable, had me in stitches and was entertaining from beginning to end.’

Kaitlyn’s review:

‘To be completely honest, I don’t think our events organizer was aware of which show we would be viewing, or maybe they did but just didn’t tell us. After being told that the show was ‘Memoirs of A Dater’ I did some googling and found that this act was inspired by ‘The Vagina monologues’ and I won’t lie, I was a bit skeptical. However, after viewing the act I can say that I was definitely not disappointed. The show was highly entertaining and unfortunately rather relatable. It’s nice to be reminded that we are not alone in the land of bad dates. The actors were fabulous and remained professional throughout, despite a rather rowdy grandad in the front row. I look forward to seeing where this act goes in the future.

Dan’s review:

‘I turned up not knowing what to expect. We sat down in this small secret theatre and waited for the show to begin. On the stage there was just a shower in a spotlight. Suddenly a girl walks on in a dressing gown and starts to preform. Being a guy, the subject matter was interesting to say the least. It was eye opening to the amount of effort women put into making themselves look ‘Fly’. The first show was funny but overall different. Then they brought on the second one and first of all I want to note that she was my personal favourite and reminded me very much of my best friend. However all of the actresses were exceptional. There was many variations of the surrounding women topics throughout the different shows which honestly was atonishing because of my guy perspective. Would I see it again? Maybe, it was an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

To get your tickets to see this show in this years Leicester Comedy festival then head over to comedy-festival.co.uk/ and grab your tickets now.

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References: Header image does not belong to us and can be found at [1] http://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/memoirs-of-a-dater/

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