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Guide to Freshers @ DMU

Guide to Freshers @ DMU The official freshers week @ DMU commences on Monday the 25th of September. So, get ready for quite possibly craziest week of your life. This week includes day… Continue reading

Christmas Fashion: The Velvet Dress

With only a few days till Christmas it’s about time to give some ideas of what to wear on the day! When I think of Christmas and winter clothing, I instantly go towards velvet.… Continue reading

The Body Shop Sellers: What Products To Get This Year!

Let me set you the scene. It’s a cold, dark and frosty Tuesday evening. Most of Tea Break, as well as the DMU Creative Writing Society (CREW), are huddled in the Students Union.… Continue reading

How To Pack For Uni? The Clothes Lover Edition 

The thought of packing for uni is creeping up closer and closer, and all you can think about is: How am I gonna pack all my clothes? No matter how hard you wish that… Continue reading


By Taylor-Louise Rowley. @ItsTTTTaylor Yes I know, shampoo isn’t really that exciting. But these products are the best things i’ve put on my head in a really long time. I have really thin, flat… Continue reading


By Taylor-Louise Rowley. @ItsTTTTaylor I KNOW WE’RE 17 DAYS INTO SEPTEMBER OKAY! But anyway, here were the things that I was loving last month! Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser. The main reason I… Continue reading

DMU Student @ Shebangs#! Clothing and Individuality Group

Ben Howgill (@benhowgill) George Alborn, a soon-to-be graduated Graphic Design student from our own De Montfort University has found himself in the thick of it working with newly founded company The idea… Continue reading

Festival Fashion: Dungarees

I really want some dungarees! The sun is coming out and I love the idea of them. They can be worn with basically every shoe whether it be heeled or flat. All you… Continue reading


Aimée Costa (@aimeecoffee) On May 4th 2015, well known faces from every entertainment strand joined forces for one of fashions biggest nights on the calendar, the annual MET Gala in New York. The… Continue reading


Many models and women have been joining the #DropThePlus campaign to get the term ‘plus-size’ banned from the modelling and retail industry. According to ELLE, a model wearing a greater size than 10 or… Continue reading

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