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Don’t Panic! – Results Day Edition

Don’t Panic! – Results Day Edition There’s always them results day nerves. However, there is simply know need to panic. So, what happens if you don’t get the grades, Simply another paths opens… Continue reading

Sentient Film Festival.

01010111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00001010 (Welcome) Explore the beauty, complexity and horrors of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cinema, as DMU Film students present the topical Sentient Film Festival, at the… Continue reading

Wicked Theatre Review

Admittedly I had reservations about this when I first heard of it actually being a thing; ‘The Story of The Wizard of Oz but from the point the point of view from the… Continue reading

What’s On During DMU LGBT+ Pride Month?

It’s February, which means that DMU has launched LGBT+ Pride Month. Whatever you identify as there are events, socials and workshops on for the rest of this month. So sit back, hold on… Continue reading

Why YOU Should Go To DisneyLand Paris In 2017.

Trying to pitch Disneyland to somebody who dislikes anything other than Pixar is a hard sell, but one I had to do to my boyfriend. Like many people, he thought you stopped enjoying… Continue reading


As we all know when giving Christmas gifts, people (especially my parents) always say “it’s the thought that counts”. Well, how about making your own gifts for your loved ones, because then the… Continue reading

Homemade Festive Goodies!

What says Christmas to me is the delicious treats that you can buy from the shops or even make yourself. Here are some of my favourite recipes and trust me once you try… Continue reading


Mince Pies are the ultimate festive treat, and as fun as they are to eat with a cup of tea while you watch ‘Home Alone’, its also tremendous fun to make them as… Continue reading


With each Christmas, a dangerous decision enters the minds of Christmas shoppers. Do they do their shopping online, or brave the shops? It’s a serious problem and both have pros and cons. There’s… Continue reading

The PERFECT Gifts For Dad.

  Need some inspiration on what to get Dad for Christmas? Here at Tea Break we’ve searched the internet high and low for some The DIY Pen If you have a Dad that… Continue reading

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