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Is it too soon to be Christmassy?

So, as I’m sure you’re all aware it is November. That means we still have two months till Christmas, most people frown upon getting excited about Christmas before December but why should our… Continue reading

The Christmas Prep YOU Did When You Were A Kid

It’s Christmas Eve! Hurrah less than 24 hours till gifts, Christmas food and being with family. But we did these special Christmas preparations the day/night before. And don’t deny it, you still do… Continue reading


As we all know when giving Christmas gifts, people (especially my parents) always say “it’s the thought that counts”. Well, how about making your own gifts for your loved ones, because then the… Continue reading

Christmas Fashion: The Velvet Dress

With only a few days till Christmas it’s about time to give some ideas of what to wear on the day! When I think of Christmas and winter clothing, I instantly go towards velvet.… Continue reading

Homemade Festive Goodies!

What says Christmas to me is the delicious treats that you can buy from the shops or even make yourself. Here are some of my favourite recipes and trust me once you try… Continue reading


Mince Pies are the ultimate festive treat, and as fun as they are to eat with a cup of tea while you watch ‘Home Alone’, its also tremendous fun to make them as… Continue reading


With each Christmas, a dangerous decision enters the minds of Christmas shoppers. Do they do their shopping online, or brave the shops? It’s a serious problem and both have pros and cons. There’s… Continue reading

The PERFECT Gifts For Dad.

  Need some inspiration on what to get Dad for Christmas? Here at Tea Break we’ve searched the internet high and low for some The DIY Pen If you have a Dad that… Continue reading

Top Ten Sic-Fi Films Of All Time

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is almost upon us, and I am beyond excited to see what they have conjured up (and to see Darth Vader grace our screens once again). So… Continue reading

The Body Shop Sellers: What Products To Get This Year!

Let me set you the scene. It’s a cold, dark and frosty Tuesday evening. Most of Tea Break, as well as the DMU Creative Writing Society (CREW), are huddled in the Students Union.… Continue reading

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